2012 Hall of Fame

Members Explain Their Ballots

The following is a partial list of BBWAA members who published pieces online explaining the selections on their Hall of Fame ballots. This does not include those who simply revealed their ballot as a list or tweet. As members share their pieces with us, we will continue to add them here.

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Abraham, PeteBoston Globe Bagwell, Larkin, Raines, Trammell.
Antonen, MelAt Large (MASNsports.com)Bagwell, Larkin, Martinez, Morris, Raines, Trammell
Arvia, PhilThe Herald-News (Ill.)Bagwell, Larkin, Martinez, Morris, Raines, Smith, Trammell.
Bauman, MichaelHonorary (MLB.com)Bagwell, Larkin.
Bloom, BarryHonorary (MLB.com)Larkin, Martinez, McGriff, McGwire, Morris, Palmeiro, Raines, Smith, Trammell.
Bodley, HalHonorary (MLB.com)Morris, Larkin.
Brookover, BobPhiladelphia NewsLarkin, McGriff, Smith, Trammell.
Caldera, PeteBergen RecordBagwell, Larkin, Morris, Palmeiro
Chimelis, RonSpringfield (Mass.) RepublicanBagwell, Larkin, McGriff, Morris.
Davidoff, KenNewsdayBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, McGwire, Palmeiro, Raines, Trammell, Walker.
DeMarco, TonyNBCSports.comBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, McGriff, Morris, Smith, Trammell, Walker.
Erardi, JohnCincinnati EnquirerBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, McGriff, Murphy, Raines, Trammell, Walker.
Fine, MikeThe Patriot LedgerBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, Palmeiro, Raines, Smith, Walker.
Fletcher, JeffAt LargeBagwell, Larkin, McGwire, Raines.
Goldman, SteveAstabula Star BeaconBagwell, Larkin, McGriff, Raines, Smith, Trammell.
Gonzalez, MarkChicago TribuneLarkin, Martinez, Raines.
Greenstein, TeddyChicago TribuneBagwell, Larkin, Mattingly, Raines, Smith.
Gregor, ScottArlington Heights (Ill.) Daily HeraldLarkin, Morris.
Griffin, RichardToronto StarBagwell, Larkin, Morris, Raines, Walker.
Gurnick, KenHonorary (MLB.com)Morris, Smith.
Hagen, Paul Honorary (MLB.com)Bagwell, Larkin, Palmeiro, Smith.
Henning, LynnDetroit NewsLarkin, Martinez, Raines, Trammell.
Hersh, PhillipChicago TribuneLarkin, Martinez, Mattingly, Morris, Raines, Smith, Trammell, Walker.
Heyman, JonCBSSports.comLarkin, Mattingly, Morris, Murphy, Raines
Hille, BobSporting NewsBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, Raines, Smith, Trammell.
Howard, GarrySporting NewsLarkin, Morris, Smith.
Imrem, MikeArlington Heights (Ill.) Daily HeraldBagwell, McGwire, Morris, Smith.
Jackman, PhilHonorary (Pressboxonline.com)Bagwell, Larkin, Martinez, Mattingly, McGriff, Morris, Raines, Smith, Trammell, Walker.
Jacobs, JeffHartford CourantLarkin, Morris.
Justice, RichardHonorary (MLB.com)Bagwell, Larkin, Morris, McGriff, Raines.
Kaegel, DickHonorary (MLB.com)Bagwell, Larkin, Smith, Trammell.
Kawakami, TimSan Jose Mercury-NewsBagwell, Larkin, Morris, Murphy, Raines, Trammell.
Klein, FredHonorary Larkin, Martinez, Morris, Smith, Trammell.
Knobler, DannyCBSSports.comLarkin, Morris, Trammell.
Krieger, DaveDenver PostBagwell, Castilla, Larkin, Morris, Raines, Trammell, Walker.
Lariviere, DaveHonoraryLarkin, Smith.
McCaffery, JackDelaware County TimesBagwell, Larkin, Mattingly, McGwire, Morris, Raines, Smith, Trammell, Walker.
McClelland, SeanSpringfield News-SunBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, McGriff, McGwire, Morris, Palmeiro, Raines, Smith, Trammell.
McNeal, StanSporting NewsBagwell, Larkin, Raines.
Miles, BruceArlington Heights (Ill.) Daily HeraldBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, Morris, Raines, Smith, Trammell.
Miller, ScottCBSSports.comLarkin, Morris, Raines, Trammell.
Mitchell, FredChicago TribuneLarkin, Morris, Raines, Smith.
Molony, JimHonorary Bagwell, Larkin, Martinez, Morris, Smith, Walker.
Moore, TerrenceHonorary (MLB.com)Larkin, McGriff, Raines, Smith.
Muskat, CarrieHonorary (MLB.com)Larkin.
Nadel, MikeHonoraryLarkin, Raines, Morris.
Newman, MarkHonorary (MLB.com)Larkin, McGwire, Morris, Smith.
Noble, MartyHonorary (MLB.com)Larkin, Morris.
Peterson, BillHonoraryBagwell, Larkin, McGriff, Morris, Murphy, Smith.
Posnanski, JoeSports IllustratedBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, McGwire, Murphy, Raines, Trammell, Walker.
Rains, RobHonorary (RobRains.com)Bagwell, Larkin, Morris, Raines, Smith.
Renck, TroyDenver PostBagwell, Larkin, Morris, Raines, Smith, Trammell.
Ringolsby, TracyFoxSports.comBagwell, Larkin, Morris, Murphy, Raines, Smith, Trammell, Walker.
Rogers, PhilChicago TribuneBagwell, Larkin, Morris, Raines, Trammell, Walker.
Rosenthal, KenFoxSports.comBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, McGriff, Raines, Smith, Trammell.
Rozner, BarryArlington Heights (Ill.) Daily HeraldMorris, Raines, Smith.
Schultz, JeffAtlanta Journal ConstitutionLarkin, Mattingly, McGriff, Morris, Murphy, Raines, Smith.
Scoggins, ChazLowell SunBagwell, McGwire, Murphy, Raines, Smith.
Shea, JohnSan Francisco ChronicleLarkin, Raines, Smith.
Singer, TomHonorary (MLB.com)Larkin, Martinez, Morris, Smith, Trammell.
Smizik, BobPittsburgh Post-GazetteBagwell, McGwire, Palmeiro.
Spencer, LyleHonorary (MLB.com)Larkin, Mattingly, McGriff, Morris, Raines, Smith, Trammell.
Stark, JaysonESPN.comBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, McGriff, McGwire, Morris, Murphy, Palmeiro, Raines, Walker.
Stone, LarrySeattle TimesBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, McGriff, McGwire, Raines, Trammell, Walker.
Sullivan, PaulChicago TribuneLarkin, Raines, Smith
Sullivan, T.R.Honorary (MLB.com)Bagwell, Larkin, Gonzalez, Martinez, McGwire, McGriff, Morris, Palmeiro, Raines, Trammell.
Topkin, MarcTampa Bay TimesBagwell, Larkin, McGriff, Smith.
Vaccaro, MikeNew York PostBagwell, Larkin, Martinez, Mattingly, Morris, Raines.
Van Dyck, DaveChicago TribuneLarkin, Morris, Smith.
Verducci, TomSports IllustratedBagwell, Larkin, McGriff, Raines.