2012 Hall of Fame Ballots

Voters are not required to make their Hall of Fame ballots public, but this is an aggregation of BBWAA members who chose to share their ballots here. The list is sortable and searchable.

For more information on the voting process, read our FAQ.

Peter AbrahamBagwell Larkin Raines Trammell
Mel AntonenBagwell Larkin Martinez Morris Raines Trammell
Phil ArviaBagwell Larkin Martinez Morris Raines Smith Trammell
Michael BaumanBagwell Larkin
Barry BloomLarkin Martinez McGriff McGwire Morris Palmeiro Raines Smith Trammell
Hal BodleyMorris Larkin
Bob BrookoverLarkin McGriff Smith Trammell
Pete CalderaBagwell Larkin Morris Palmeiro
Ron ChimelisBagwell Larkin McGriff Morris
Ken DavidoffBagwell Larkin Martinez McGwire Palmeiro Raines Trammell Walker
Tony DeMarcoBagwell Larkin Martinez McGriff Morris Smith Trammell Walker
John ErardiBagwell Larkin Martinez McGriff Murphy Raines Trammell Walker
Mike FineBagwell Larkin Martinez Palmeiro Raines Smith Walker
Jeff FletcherBagwell Larkin McGwire Raines
Steve GoldmanBagwell Larkin McGriff Raines Smith Trammell
Mark GonzalezLarkin Martinez Raines
Teddy GreensteinBagwell Larkin Mattingly Raines Smith
Scott GregorLarkin Morris
Richard GriffinBagwell Larkin Morris Raines Walker
Ken GurnickMorris Smith
Paul HagenBagwell Larkin Palmeiro Smith
Lynn HenningLarkin Martinez Raines Trammell
Phillip HershLarkin Martinez Mattingly Morris Raines Smith Trammell Walker
Jon HeymanLarkin Mattingly Morris Murphy Raines
Bob HilleBagwell Larkin Martinez Raines Smith Trammell
Garry HowardLarkin Morris Smith
Mike ImremBagwell McGwire Morris Smith
Phil JackmanBagwell Larkin Martinez Mattingly McGriff Morris Raines Smith Trammell Walker
Jeff JacobsLarkin Morris
Richard JusticeBagwell Larkin Morris McGriff Raines
Dick KaegelBagwell Larkin Smith Trammell
Tim KawakamiBagwell Larkin Morris Murphy Raines Trammell
Fred KleinLarkin Martinez Morris Smith Trammell
Danny KnoblerLarkin Morris Trammell
Dave KriegerBagwell Castilla Larkin Morris Raines Trammell Walker
Dave LariviereLarkin Smith
Jack McCafferyBagwell Larkin Mattingly McGwire Morris Raines Smith Trammell Walker
Sean McClellandBagwell Larkin Martinez McGriff McGwire Morris Palmeiro Raines Smith Trammell
Stan McNealBagwell Larkin Raines
Bruce MilesBagwell Larkin Martinez Morris Raines Smith Trammell
Scott MillerLarkin Morris Raines Trammell
Fred MitchellLarkin Morris Raines Smith
Jim MolonyBagwell Larkin Martinez Morris Smith Walker
Terrence MooreLarkin McGriff Raines Smith
Carrie MuskatLarkin
Mike NadelLarkin Raines Morris
Mark NewmanLarkin McGwire Morris Smith
Marty NobleLarkin Morris
Bill PetersonBagwell Larkin McGriff Morris Murphy Smith
Joe PosnanskiBagwell Larkin Martinez McGwire Murphy Raines Trammell Walker
Rob RainsBagwell Larkin Morris Raines Smith
Troy RenckBagwell Larkin Morris Raines Smith Trammell
Tracy RingolsbyBagwell Larkin Morris Murphy Raines Smith Trammell Walker
Phil RogersBagwell Larkin Morris Raines Trammell Walker
Ken RosenthalBagwell Larkin Martinez McGriff Raines Smith Trammell
Barry RoznerMorris Raines Smith
Jeff SchultzLarkin Mattingly McGriff Morris Murphy Raines Smith
Chaz ScogginsBagwell McGwire Murphy Raines Smith
John SheaLarkin Raines Smith
Tom SingerLarkin Martinez Morris Smith Trammell
Bob SmizikBagwell McGwire Palmeiro
Lyle SpencerLarkin Mattingly McGriff Morris Raines Smith Trammell
Jayson StarkBagwell Larkin Martinez McGriff McGwire Morris Murphy Palmeiro Raines Walker
Larry StoneBagwell Larkin Martinez McGriff McGwire Raines Trammell Walker
Paul SullivanLarkin Raines Smith
TR SullivanBagwell Larkin Gonzalez Martinez McGwire McGriff Morris Palmeiro Raines Trammell
Marc TopkinBagwell Larkin McGriff Smith
Mike VaccaroBagwell Larkin Martinez Mattingly Morris Raines
Dave Van DyckLarkin Morris Smith
Tom VerducciBagwell Larkin McGriff Raines