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      Jeff Fletcher

        First, if you got a temporary password and haven’t changed it, do that. There should be a link to your profile info at the top of the screen. If you already set a custom password and made it some 12-character thing because that’s what the site suggested, you don’t need it to be that complex. That was just a suggestion. Change it to something you’ll remember. However, if you ever forget, you’ll be able to reset it just by knowing your email.

        Now, as for the content, here’s what this forum is.

        It’s just a yearlong BBWAA meeting that anyone can attend without needing their editor to approve a plane ticket. We should be able to have ongoing discussion here about just about anything that applies to our organization.

        It’s not intended to be like “other” message boards, where you can anonymously take shots at people. This is a virtual BBWAA meeting, so no one says anything anonymously. That’s why when you register, you should have a screen name that makes you easily identifiable.

        Also, although it’s password protected, there’s always a chance that a non-member will get a hold of something written in this forum and do who knows what with it. So bear that in mind. Speak freely, but use some judgment too.

        About that old forum? Well, the software was not very administrator-friendly and after banging my head against a wall trying to move the content from there to here, I gave up. I figured no one would miss it.

        That forum also was much more ambitious. I had hopes of doing all kinds of things, from people sharing tips for the road to discussing Hall of Fame candidates, but no one did any of that. So now we’ve just got three forums, and really only one for discussion. The other two are really more bulletin boards than forums.

        If you have any questions or suggestions for the forum or the site in general, let me know.


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